The Gizmodo Computer Lab For Kids Who Can't Tech Good

We all take things for granted. Like having a school. Or a computer. That's why Gizmodo and some friendly gadget companies are teaming up with Surf For Life, a non-profit that lets people help local causes while on vacation. » 8/30/11 11:05am 8/30/11 11:05am

The Life of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs' death is heartbreaking, but might be the perfect point to take a second and look at the good, bad and as he might have put it, "insanely great" parts of a history-changing life. » 8/24/11 6:35pm 8/24/11 6:35pm

Why An Amazing Surf Director Thinks FCP X Should Be Called Final Cut…

Cyrus Sutton is a surfer. And he's reviewing Final Cut Pro X for Gizmodo. Why? Because he's one of the best surf flick directors in decades. His movies exude a summertime vibe I wish I could bottle up for winter. » 7/30/11 12:00pm 7/30/11 12:00pm